Fons and Porter Mechanical Fabric Pencil

SKU: 72879077575


  • 1 pencil
  • 10 piece Lead. 

Fabric Pencil 

  • Great for dark fabrics!
  • Soft grip for added comfort
  • Strong ceramic 0.9 MM while lead is specially formulated for fabric and made from water soluble dyes



  1. Push down on eraser to advance pencil lead.
  2. Mark fabric lightly
  3. To remove marks, use eraser, rub with damp cloth, or launder.
  4. As needed, twist top of pencil to expose additional eraser. Remove old eraser to refull. Inser new eraser and twist down.
  5. Add new pencil lead by removing pencil top and dropping new lead into barrel


NOTE: Always test markings on a swatch of fabric to be sure that they can be removed satisfactorily before marking your quilt.